Green ‘flash’ number plates to encourage the switching to electric cars and avoid congestion charges

The transport secretary has also announced millions in funding for battery and hydrogen vehicle research. Drivers of zero-emission cars are to have a green “flash” added to the left hand side of their number plates to show they are eligible to by-pass congestion zone charges or secure cheaper parking. The change, which will be introduced

A fateful decision for Spain: Another COVID-19 recovery package supporting electric vehicle uptake?

A few days ago, the German government agreed to a €130 billion COVID-19 economic recovery package. A significant portion of that stimulus, about €8 billion, is earmarked for the automotive industry in Germany. Previously, President Emmanuel Macron announced a similar €8 billion COVID-19 support package for the automotive industry in France. Next in line is

Milton Keynes 'Mushrooms' Charging Hub (Image: T. Larkum)

Revealed: There are twice as many public charging points for electric cars in the UK as there are petrol filling stations

DfT data shows there were 17,947 public electric car charging devices in April That compares to 8,046 filling stations in the UK, according to latest figures While availability is up, stats show there is ‘uneven geographical distribution‘ There are officially more than twice as many public charge points for electric cars in the UK than

Scottish Water Renault Kangoo electric van (Image: Renault)

Renault Kangoo Z.E. Line-up Bolstered by New Business+ Model

New Business+ trim level now available for popular Kangoo Z.E. range Added to line-up following increasing demand for zero-emission commercial vehicle New trim features additional equipment for enhanced driver comfort and convenience Available in medium and long-wheelbase panel vans, Kangoo Z.E. range now mirrors ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) version Popularity continues to rise since its

Engie expands GeniePoint network with new rapid installs

Engie is expanding its GeniePoint network with the installation of thirteen new rapid chargers in the west midlands. The installations of the 50kW+ chargers are part of a new partnership with Bromsgrove District Council, with BMM Energy Solutions set to carry out the physical installations. Engie will provide ongoing operational, customer service and maintenance services