Best electric car discounts: how to save money on a new EV

It’s currently possible to save up to £4188 on a new electric car. And you don’t even have to haggle, thanks to our free New Car Buying service… Electric cars have been hugely popular and demand has traditionally been so strong that discounts on them were virtually impossible to find. That has started to change, though,

How much does charging an electric car cost? Is it cheaper than petrol?

Your electric car charging costs are simple to calculate. Here’s how to work it out There are plenty of reasons for going electric: that pesky CO2 stuff, for one thing. But there’s another incentive for making the switch other than doing your bit for the polar bears: electric car charging costs. You see, charging an

Petrol and diesel drivers issued ‘word of caution’ before electric car switch

A majority of drivers around the UK believe petrol and diesel cars are cheaper to run than electric vehicles, a new poll has found According to new data, 54 percent of motorists think petrol and diesel vehicles are now the cheapest to run. As the cost of electricity continues to rise, just 18 percent of drivers thought a fully electric

Electric cars are ‘significantly cheaper’ to service than petrols and diesels – but we’re on course to have a shortage of qualified mechanics to work on them

Average servicing costs for an EV is £103 – petrol car is £151 and diesels is £163 Experts suggest lower bills for EVs is a result of having fewer moving parts IMI is concerned the uptake in technicians earning qualifications to work on battery cars isn’t keeping pace with the growth in EV sales  While

Help middle-class drivers make the switch to used EVs, says Auto Trader

Middle-class households will need incentives to buy used EVs in order to meet climate targets. That’s according to Auto Trader, which says the government is falling short on making the uptake of used cars, particularly used ones, attractive, unlike abroad. Used EV demand is said to be dropping thanks to increasing electricity prices, and the cost

Mythbusting the world of EVs: are energy prices killing electric cars?

With electricity prices on the rise, what’s cheaper? And what’s the underlying issue at play here? MYTH: “Energy prices are killing EVs” Spiking electricity prices have brought a spate of screaming headlines: “Shock – charging an electric car is as expensive as refuelling a diesel.” Yes, on average, the electricity price has gone skyward. But it’s still