New Research Found That People Who Commute by Car Can Be Subject To Harmful Gases Than Those Who Walk to Work

Active Commuters Experience Better Air Quality than Car Drivers The study was carried out by University of Leicester academics in collaboration with Leicester City Council, and it was released in the Journal of Transport & Health, as cited by Researchers discovered that weekday morning commuters commuting by automobile had greater in-cabin levels of nitrogen dioxide

Have Electric Vehicles Reached Parity With Their ICE Counterparts?

Naysayers argue that electric vehicles have too many obstacles yet to make them appealing to mass consumer audiences. Yet the numbers seem to indicate that we’re a lot closer to making EVs the better financial choice than many so-called experts want to admit. Germany will end sales of new ICE vehicles in 2030. What has

Eco-warriors deflate SUV tyres in Chelsea, Primrose Hill and Dulwich

Vehicles were targeted in Primrose Hill, Kensington and Chelsea, Dulwich and Notting Hill Climate action activists have said they “will not stop” after deflating the tyres of “planet-wrecking” Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in wealthy London neighbourhoods. More than 40 4x4s were targeted in the dead of night in Primrose Hill, Kensington and Chelsea, Dulwich, and Notting Hill by a

Charging with an Ohme smart charging cable

How Coronavirus will supercharge the electric vehicle market

There have been plenty of good news stories coming from the automotive sector since the covid-19 outbreak, including car manufacturers switching their production lines to make ventilators. But, of course, there are concerns about the industry’s economic stability, at the beginning of April 2020 car sales were down 44 per cent. However, there are three