Car dealers ‘already seeing drop in aftersales uptake due to increased electric car sales’

Car dealers are being urged to prepare for increased EV sales EMaC predicts those without robust processes will risk losing aftersale revenue It estimates some dealers have already seen aftersales absorption drop 50 to 60% Car dealers are being urged to prepare for the acceleration of EV sales in 2024 by having processes in place

Researchers make surprising discovery about lifespan of EV batteries: ‘That was a shock’

A dead, irreplaceable battery is often the demise of an otherwise perfectly good piece of equipment, and it can be incredibly frustrating. New research shows, however, that the opposite may be true when it comes to the batteries running electric vehicles. The Globe and Mail reports that a study done in March by Recurrent Motors Inc. —

Shock of the old: the amazing, infuriating history of the electric car – in pictures

Believe it or not, battery-powered vehicles have been around since Victorian times – everything from private automobiles to taxis, ambulances and tricycles. We’ve got the photos to prove it The history of the electric car is surprisingly enraging. If you imagine early electric vehicles at all (full disclosure: I didn’t until recently), it will probably

The world needs cheap electric cars. That spells trouble for big carmakers

In 1913, Henry Ford’s moving assembly line transformed carmaking. Ford’s groundbreaking innovation drastically reduced the time it took to assemble a car, enabling mass production and slashing vehicle prices. More than a century later, carmaking is undergoing a similarly seismic shift. Only this time, Ford Motor Company (F) is scrambling to catch up, rather than

New AutoMotive: Why we’re refusing to throw in the towel and get the UK back on track to 2030

Last week, Rishi Sunak confirmed that he will reverse certain green targets. Amongst several policies that Sunak was willing to cut or delay, the phase out of petrol and diesel cars was put on the chopping block, with a confirmed five-year delay despite the [Conservative] government’s original target. This move is not only unpopular with