Electric Car Line-up (Image: Go Ultra Low)

What could lead to an electric vehicles inflection point?

Traditional auto manufacturers and middle distillate refiners should be wary that a niche technology could be about to snowball into full-scale disruption Clayton Christiansen’s classic business book The Innovator’s Dilemma argues that value to innovation is an S-curve, with a long initial phase of relatively slow value growth followed by an explosive ramp-up once the

Electric vehicle sales to ‘see a big lift’ over the next 2 to 3 years

Electric vehicle sales are likely to jump over the next two to three years as prices fall and more options are made available to customers, according to Evy Hambro, BlackRock’s global head of thematic and sector investing. Customers will have more opportunities to move away from traditional combustion engines to electric vehicles and their options

Minister signals shift away from electric vehicle ‘buyer subsidy’ to lower costs

Recent cuts to the grants available for the purchase of electric vehicles are intended to move the sector away from “buyer subsidy”, according to energy and clean growth minister Claire Perry. Speaking to the business, energy and industrial strategy select committee, she added that grant payments potentially offered cash to vehicle owners who could already

Global oil demand under growing threat from electric cars, cleaner fuel

LONDON (Reuters) – Electric vehicles and more efficient fuel technology will cut transportation demand for oil by 2040 more than previously expected, but the world may still face a supply crunch without enough investment in new production, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Tuesday. Oil demand is not expected to peak before 2040, the

Electric vehicles are going to render the fight over fuel economy standards moot

The auto industry is headed for revolution, Trump notwithstanding. Though it may seem like several dozen scandals ago, the Trump administration is just now finalizing plans to freeze national fuel-economy standards in place, rather than steadily increasing them as Obama planned. This is a terrible idea, for reasons I have detailed at length — it

Electric vehicle chargers could offer £6 billion opportunity to 2040 across shops, workplaces and motorways

An investment opportunity of up to £6 billion is available to 2040 owing to the need for millions of electric vehicle chargers at workplaces, shops and motorway services, according to a report out this week. Released by Aurora Energy Research and supported by Eaton, NatWest, Lombard and the Renewable Energy Association, the study states the

Response to BEIS Committee report on electric vehicles

Following the release of the Commons’ Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (BEIS) report into the future of electric vehicles published today, a number of interested parties have responded. On the whole, the response has been positive, with the main criticism being that the government needs to be doing a lot more now to boost