The EV road to recovery

It is no surprise that business priorities have shifted since the Covid-19 crisis, as many look to preserve existing resources and start the rebuilding process. However, against the backdrop of the government’s ‘Build Back Better’ messaging, there is an opportunity to ensure sustainability remains a central part of any future plans. According to research from

Electric vehicles critical to post-pandemic UK economy claims report

Electric cars could benefit the UK economy by £24bn provided suppliers can rapidly ramp up their capacity to ten times current levels, according to new research published by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). The ‘Strategic UK opportunities in passenger car electrification’ report argues that with passenger cars requiring some form of electrification by 2030, the

Green ‘flash’ number plates to encourage the switching to electric cars and avoid congestion charges

The transport secretary has also announced millions in funding for battery and hydrogen vehicle research. Drivers of zero-emission cars are to have a green “flash” added to the left hand side of their number plates to show they are eligible to by-pass congestion zone charges or secure cheaper parking. The change, which will be introduced

A fateful decision for Spain: Another COVID-19 recovery package supporting electric vehicle uptake?

A few days ago, the German government agreed to a €130 billion COVID-19 economic recovery package. A significant portion of that stimulus, about €8 billion, is earmarked for the automotive industry in Germany. Previously, President Emmanuel Macron announced a similar €8 billion COVID-19 support package for the automotive industry in France. Next in line is

MPs call for accelerated rollout of EV infrastructure and emission zone extensions

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Air Pollution has called for an accelreated roll out of electric vehicle infrastructure and for emissions zones to be extended to help tackle climate change as the coronavirus lockdown starts to lift. The APPG has launched its Strategy to Reduce Coronavirus Infection as we emerge from Lockdown in order to

Electric cars gain market share in Europe despite Covid-19 crisis

Data suggests that carmakers are making progress towards meeting emissions reductions targets Electric and hybrid cars gained traction among European buyers in April despite coronavirus lockdowns stalling the market, suggesting carmakers are likely to avoid potential fines potentially worth billions of euros if they fail to reduce average emissions. Battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid

Tesla Model 3 Unveil (Image: Tesla)

Why fleets are (still) making the switch to electric vehicles

With oil prices at multi-year lows, conventional wisdom suggests an interest in electric vehicles (EVs) will wane. Perhaps surprisingly, the opposite is happening. Whilst registrations for diesel and petrol vehicles have plunged in the UK year on year, registrations for electric vehicles have more than doubled in the midst of the global pandemic. Analysts don’t