Demand for used electric cars grows

Second-hand EV sales double in last quarter, so what’s driving used demand as new electric sales falter? A spike in demand for used EVs has been reported by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which says the number of pre-owned battery electric vehicles (BEVs) changing hands doubled in the third quarter of this year. A rise of 99.9

Car dealers ‘already seeing drop in aftersales uptake due to increased electric car sales’

Car dealers are being urged to prepare for increased EV sales EMaC predicts those without robust processes will risk losing aftersale revenue It estimates some dealers have already seen aftersales absorption drop 50 to 60% Car dealers are being urged to prepare for the acceleration of EV sales in 2024 by having processes in place

A tyre company has been shortlisted for the £1m Earthshot prize

Enso Tyres’ ultra-durable compound for EVs – which helps reduce tyre emissions – recognised in climate solutions competition The automotive industry rarely makes environmental headlines for positive reasons. But here comes a rare ray of sunshine: a tyre company has been listed for the 2023 Earthshot Prize. Enso, a start-up company specialising in tyres for electric

Most efficient electric cars

We crunch the numbers on the electric cars on sale today to see which come closest to hitting their advertised figures Plenty of electric cars have impressive claimed range figures but managing to achieve them is another story. With the increasing number of EVs to choose from, buyers are hunting for the most energy-efficient electric


There will be hybrid power available, too Peugeot is replacing its highly successful 3008 crossover with an all-new model with electrification to the fore. The new all-electric E-3008 model is the latest chapter in the French brand’s shift to a fully electric future, something it plans to achieve by 2030. Helping differentiate the new 3008