The world needs cheap electric cars. That spells trouble for big carmakers

In 1913, Henry Ford’s moving assembly line transformed carmaking. Ford’s groundbreaking innovation drastically reduced the time it took to assemble a car, enabling mass production and slashing vehicle prices. More than a century later, carmaking is undergoing a similarly seismic shift. Only this time, Ford Motor Company (F) is scrambling to catch up, rather than

New AutoMotive: Why we’re refusing to throw in the towel and get the UK back on track to 2030

Last week, Rishi Sunak confirmed that he will reverse certain green targets. Amongst several policies that Sunak was willing to cut or delay, the phase out of petrol and diesel cars was put on the chopping block, with a confirmed five-year delay despite the [Conservative] government’s original target. This move is not only unpopular with


As electric car sales skyrocket, there are some tough questions to answer, writes Danny Chivers. Owning an electric car could double your chances of getting a date. This eye-catching claim – from car dealers Big Motoring World – gives a sense of the buzz around electric vehicles (EVs) right now. And whether or not they can ignite your love life,

Southampton City Council: Rise in electric cars improves air quality

A COUNCIL scheme to improve the air quality in Southampton has taken shape as the number of electric cars in the city has risen over 50 per cent from the previous year. The Department for Transport figures show that 773 battery-electric cars were registered in Southampton at the end of last year – up from 474 a

Owners of the most polluting cars to pay double for parking across England

Lambeth council in London is latest to introduce emissions-based fees, with similar charges expected to be widely introduced Owners of the most polluting cars may soon have to pay more to park as councils across England are expected to roll out new charges based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions. Lambeth is the latest council in London

Fact check: why Rowan Atkinson is wrong about electric vehicles

In a widely shared comment piece for the Guardian, comedian Rowan Atkinson said he felt “duped” by the green claims about electric vehicles (EVs). In support of his contention, however, Atkinson repeats a series of repeatedly debunked talking points, often used by those seeking to delay action on the climate crisis. Moreover, he suggests alternatives to

Government buys more diesel cars than electric despite zero emission pledge by 2027

A Freedom of Information request has revealed just 3.5% of the Home Office fleet is electric despite a 2021 pledge for a zero-emission fleet by 2027 – just years away Tories have been accused of talking hot air over cars – after we found the Government still buys more diesels than electric models. That is despite a 2021 pledge