MPs call for accelerated rollout of EV infrastructure and emission zone extensions

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Air Pollution has called for an accelreated roll out of electric vehicle infrastructure and for emissions zones to be extended to help tackle climate change as the coronavirus lockdown starts to lift. The APPG has launched its Strategy to Reduce Coronavirus Infection as we emerge from Lockdown in order to

Electric cars gain market share in Europe despite Covid-19 crisis

Data suggests that carmakers are making progress towards meeting emissions reductions targets Electric and hybrid cars gained traction among European buyers in April despite coronavirus lockdowns stalling the market, suggesting carmakers are likely to avoid potential fines potentially worth billions of euros if they fail to reduce average emissions. Battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid

Brits predicted to surge to electric vehicles post-lockdown

Improved air pollution levels during lockdown could result in a surge towards electric vehicles (EVs), a new study has found. The latest research by online parking portal discovered that 4-in-10 people are more likely to purchase an EV in the future as a direct result of the lockdown which has seen fewer vehicles on


More people are considering switching to electric vehicles thanks to improved air conditions during the pandemic. With less air pollution being documented due to the COVID-19 lockdown, more people are realising the benefits of moving away from petrol and diesel cars according to a study by Venson Automotive Solutions. Of the participants surveyed by Venson,