What Fuel Included Ltd is All About


Support and Advice. At Fuel Included, we have the expertise to make sure that you are making the right energy choices for your lifestyle and your pocket. After purchase you get support for as long as you have your contract, giving you the answers you need about solar, battery storage, driving electric or any other energy related question that pops up.

Throughout the year, our staff and other contributors are writing blogs and news to share our experience of and knowledge across the new energy space to help you make the most of your decisions. We back this up with regular newsletters.

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Modelling your energy usage. We are passionate about making a difference by helping people make informed decisions about energy consumption, whether it be in an electric car or a dish washer.

To help you make the right decision for the way you live your life, we base our solar and battery advice on our proprietary energy modelling algorithms. Simply ask for a quote on our Tanjent energy site and we'll apply our algorithms to your energy pattern.


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Make a Difference. Generating and storing your own electricity can really make a difference. Similarly, driving an electric car help reduce your carbon footprint, even if the electricity is generated from a non-renewable source. However, if you change to renewable sources, then the difference is even greater. Read more on our Tanjent energy site...

Reversing climate change is a job for us all to share. Thanks for doing your part.

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