Fuel Included is Evolving

Fuel Included has been running for almost five years, engaging with people who want to do energy differently; people who want a new angle on energy.

Our beginnings were accelerating the electric car market and the original company name was chosen with that in mind. However, slower than expected supply chains in the Electric Vehicle industry caused that market to dwindle for independent brokers. In response we accelerated our planned next steps in the energy chain, bringing it forward by several years.

  • We have separated out our alternative energy services providing Solar PV, Battery Storage and related technologies, to a separate trading name called Tanjent. We'd love to see you there.
  • We shall keep Fuel Included as our parent company, and the brand for electric cars. We are continuing to blog and write, and we expect this market to re-ignite when production starts to catch up with demand.

As ever you can find our Electric Car blogs here, and we shall soon be restructuring our home page to make them even easier to find.

For Solar and Battery, our blogs have moved to our new Tanjent website here

What Sort of Energy User are you?

There is an energy revolution taking place to move generation away from centralised, government-controlled power to locally generated, locally owned solar and wind installations. All over the world people are discovering new ways to generate, store and use energy. It is an exciting time and people are adapting to it in very different ways.

Here are a few examples - see which might fit you