Nissan marks its 250,000th Leaf electric car with festive lights display

Sunderland Plant’s Christmas decorations are powered entirely by vehicle’s vehicle-to-grid technology Nissan is marking its electric milestone in lights, as it celebrates the 250,000th Leaf electric car rolling off its production line with a dazzling festive display. The motor manufacturer is using electric vehicle technology as the sole power supply for its Christmas decorations at

Why running out of battery in an electric car gave me hope for the future | Opinion

You’ve heard about how electric cars have things like flat floors, so-called ‘frunks’ for additional storage, and how the removal of engines, transmissions and drivelines allow automakers to experiment with more unconventional designs. It’s all good stuff, but the really life-changing features of EVs will come from how we use the battery. Features like vehicle-to-load –

GRIDSERVE installs the ‘UK’s fastest EV charger’ at the Braintree Electric Forecourt

GRIDSERVE has installed the UK’s “fastest EV charger” at the Braintree Electric Forecourt to optimise charging technologies. The ABB Terra 360kW charger is capable of adding 100 miles of range in less than five minutes, the company said, dramatically increasing charging times whilst on the go around the UK. The public charger is equipped with

EVIOS acquires Andersen EV to bolster chargepoint business

EV chargepoint manufacturer EVIOS has confirmed the acquisition of Andersen EV, a home charging company. Under the agreement, the two brands will co-exist, serving different parts of the EV market and benefit from shared investment in technology, installation personnel and customer support. EVIOS was founded by former founder and CEO of Chargemaster, David Martell. In April,