Electric dream? What it’s really like to drive 285 miles to The Lakes in a leccy car

With its rugged landscape, winding country lanes and laidback lifestyle, you wouldn’t necessarily put The Lake District down as being an electrifying hotspot. However, the folks at BMW have teamed up with 15 UK National Parks  – including The Lakes – as part of a three-year initiative called Recharge in Nature, which aims to install electric vehicle (EV) charging points at

Scottish Water Renault Kangoo electric van (Image: Renault)

Busting EV myths – Breaking down the biggest misconceptions surrounding EVs

Despite the expected shift towards electric and zero emission vehicles, there’s still a lot of controversy surrounding them. Are they really any cheaper to run? What’s their true environmental impact? In this article, Simone Bruckner, managing director of resistor manufacturer Cressall, breaks down the biggest myths surrounding electric vehicles (EVs).   With more than a quarter of

A California bill could help make EVs a blackout solution

The state might require every electric vehicle to be capable of powering your home — and the grid — through a process called bidirectional charging. Chris Bowe was preparing for his daughter’s ninth birthday party in February when a drenching storm knocked out power to his neighborhood in Hayward, California. Minutes before the party began,

New UK charge points (Image: Department for Transport)

EV charging points increase by 8% in first quarter of 2023

The UK government has published new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point statistics showing the number of installed devices increased by 8% in the first three months of 2023. As of 1 April, there were 40,150 public electric vehicle charging devices installed in the UK, while the total installed devices increased by 3,095, an increase of

EVs and the grid—it’s all about give and take

There is no disputing that we need more flexibility within the grid in the UK, and across countries globally, if we’re to accommodate an influx of new energy resources. Large volumes of renewables are and will continue to feed in, while increased demand from the electrification of transport and heat continue to cause strain during

ChargeUK established to double the size of UK EV charging network in 2023

ChargeUK, a new trade association which launched today (28 April), is aiming to invest £6 billion by 2030 in EV charging and double the size of the UK EV charging network in 2023. The association, which brings together 18 EV charging companies, will look to increase the availability of charging in addition to accelerating investment

How much does charging an electric car cost? Is it cheaper than petrol?

Your electric car charging costs are simple to calculate. Here’s how to work it out There are plenty of reasons for going electric: that pesky CO2 stuff, for one thing. But there’s another incentive for making the switch other than doing your bit for the polar bears: electric car charging costs. You see, charging an

Battery Degradation Study Shows That EV Batteries Last Much Longer Than Initial Estimates

Many people think EV batteries wear out as fast as phone batteries, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Once considered among the worst, even Nissan Leaf’s batteries can endure for decades without significant degradation. This is one reason why EV battery replacements are quite unusual. Electric vehicles’ value is usually affected by preconceptions