Hyundai Kona Electric (Image: Hyundai)

IT’S COMING OHM I travelled around Qatar in an electric car – where the chargers are free but nobody uses them

“I HAD David Beckham in the car a few weeks ago,” says our guide Manu, as we buzz past Qatar’s Lusail stadium.  “To be honest I am not a big football fan, so we talked about our families instead.” This quietly spoken IT engineer has a job for the next few weeks chaperoning the stars

Hyundai Ioniq 5 (Image:

Tell your friends about EVs: Study suggests automakers still aren’t getting the word out

Electric vehicles make a lot of sense for the pragmatic aspects: their ownership costs and environmental advantages. But once you’re in one, everything changes. As results from J.D. Power’s U.S. Electric Vehicle Consideration Study indicate, a lot of American consumers still need to simply get a ride in an EV. The firm, in the study

This is for slow charges (Image: T. Heale)

The electric cars that could boil your kettle for days during storm power cuts: Hyundai and Kia EVs can turn battery packs into mobile charging stations

With much of the UK today being battered by Storm Eunice, sparking the strongest wind on record in the south to massive snowfall in the north, a number of households are already experiencing power cuts, with more predicted for the weekend. For those suffering this unfortunately consequence, if they have one of the latest Korean