BMW i3 interior: Loft interior world with standard Dark Andesit trim (Image:

BMW iX1 review

Not the most engaging to drive, but a seriously comprehensive and recommendable electric prospect If you’re hoping for echoes of the BMW i3’s art deco design and originality in the new BMW iX1, you’ll be disappointed. Let’s face it, the iX1 is rather derivative-looking; as with the vast majority of its rivals, from the Audi Q4 e-tron to

BMW i4 EV (Image: BMW)

Mountain Wheels: BMW’s all-electric i4 is a performance fan’s dream come true

Imagine a BMW M3 that never needs gas, accelerates like an M5 on racing fuel, yet behaves almost normally in all of the regular attributes associated with automobiles. The remarkably non-weird, high-performance future is finally here with the i4. And unlike BMW’s previous mass-market electrics — the very peculiar but charming i3 and the futuristic,

BMW i4 (Image:

Traditional carmakers could boost profits by accelerating move to electric

Analysis suggests electric operations will become rapidly more profitable than petrol and diesel arms within five years The world’s largest traditional carmakers could improve their profit margins and boost their value to investors by accelerating the transition to electric cars in the next decade, a new analysis has found. The electric carmaking operations of Toyota, Volkswagen,