The sun sets on drilling (Image: Pexels)

Blow for Putin and MBS as oil demand set to slow

Growth forecasts for global oil demand next year have been downgraded as the post-pandemic recovery stalls just as electric vehicle (EV) use surges. The International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Friday that demand will rise by only one million barrels per day (bpd) in 2024, which is 150,000 bpd less than previously forecast. This will

Electric Vehicles Are Better For People & The Planet

There’s quite a lot of misinformation and disinformation — deliberate misinformation — about electric vehicles online. One of the key bits of disinformation is the false notion that EVs aren’t that green because there are carbon emissions generated by mining for the materials in their batteries and manufacturing them. The false claim is that an

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OVO customers saved over £1 million in six months with its smart EV tariff

Energy supplier OVO says it has saved customers on its Charge Anytime tariff over £1 million in half a year. The Charge Anytime tariff uses smart charging to power electric vehicles (EVs) for 10p per kWh at any time of day, saving the average customer £129 per month. Customers have completed over 5 million kWh


As electric car sales skyrocket, there are some tough questions to answer, writes Danny Chivers. Owning an electric car could double your chances of getting a date. This eye-catching claim – from car dealers Big Motoring World – gives a sense of the buzz around electric vehicles (EVs) right now. And whether or not they can ignite your love life,

Southampton City Council: Rise in electric cars improves air quality

A COUNCIL scheme to improve the air quality in Southampton has taken shape as the number of electric cars in the city has risen over 50 per cent from the previous year. The Department for Transport figures show that 773 battery-electric cars were registered in Southampton at the end of last year – up from 474 a

Owners of the most polluting cars to pay double for parking across England

Lambeth council in London is latest to introduce emissions-based fees, with similar charges expected to be widely introduced Owners of the most polluting cars may soon have to pay more to park as councils across England are expected to roll out new charges based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions. Lambeth is the latest council in London

Fact check: why Rowan Atkinson is wrong about electric vehicles

In a widely shared comment piece for the Guardian, comedian Rowan Atkinson said he felt “duped” by the green claims about electric vehicles (EVs). In support of his contention, however, Atkinson repeats a series of repeatedly debunked talking points, often used by those seeking to delay action on the climate crisis. Moreover, he suggests alternatives to

EVs and the grid—it’s all about give and take

There is no disputing that we need more flexibility within the grid in the UK, and across countries globally, if we’re to accommodate an influx of new energy resources. Large volumes of renewables are and will continue to feed in, while increased demand from the electrification of transport and heat continue to cause strain during