PM confirms 2035 ICE ban, but must be followed with ‘real action’ industry warns

The phase-out of petrol and diesel cars is to be brought forward from 2040 to 2035, Prime Minister Boris Johnson today confirmed. The ban is also now set to include hybrids for the first time, with the potential for an earlier phase-out date than 2035 subject to a consultation. The PM confirmed the new date

Tesla Model 3 Unveil (Image: Tesla)

How a Tesla Model 3 became safe haven in Australian bushfires

Cooler conditions have dampened the devastating bushfires that have ravaged Australia this summer, even though some areas are still under threat. But an uplifting story has emerged of how one family’s experience was made easier thanks to owning an electric vehicle. Rather than being an impediment in a fire emergency and at risk of running

Electric car sales are rising, but so are emissions. What’s going on?

More of us are buying electric cars than ever before, but our emissions are still going up. Falling diesel and rising SUV sales are to blame Here’s a misleading statistic: UK electric car sales doubled in 2019. According to market insights firm LMC Automotive, battery electric vehicles made up 1.6 per cent of UK sales

Nottingham Climate Emergency: Council’s zero-carbon target means only electric vehicles in the city by 2028

A draft plan, which was approved unanimously yesterday (Monday, January 13) will now go out for public consultation. Nearly every vehicle currently on the roads of Nottingham will need to be replaced within just eight years if the city council is to meet its own zero-carbon target. Nottingham City Council hopes to be the first

Sales of electric vehicles rise by 144 per cent as diesel cars decline in popularity

In a depressed new car market, sales of electric vehicles rose by 144 per cent in 2019, while diesel models continued the sharp slide in popularity witnessed in recent years. Overall, Brexit uncertainties, weak consumer and business confidence and slow overall economic growth helped push new car sales down. Preliminary figures suggest a fall of

Average CO2 emissions of cars sold in UK up for third year in row

Popularity of SUVs and falling diesel sales hit Britain’s hopes of reaching climate targets The average carbon dioxide emissions of cars sold in the UK rose for the third year in a row during 2019 as falling diesel sales and the rising popularity of SUVs dealt a blow to Britain’s hopes of reaching climate targets.

Climate change: If you worry about global warming, the next car you buy should be electric

If you’re concerned about climate change, the next car you buy really should be electric. Why? Because the average car, SUV or light truck in the United States is on the road for 11.8 years. So vehicles bought this coming year will be part of the shift away from fossil fuels that climate scientists say