POD Point Rollout at Tesco Stores (Image: Tesco/POD Point)

Good Energy unveils EV tariff offering free periods of charging

Good Energy is launching a new tariff that allows electric vehicle (EV) drivers to charge for free during periods of excess wind and solar generation. Developed in partnership with Zap-Map – a company Good Energy owns a 50.1% stake in – the Zap Flash tariff includes ‘flash’ windows based on periods where Britain is generating

Instavolt rapid charger at McDonalds (Image: Instavolt)

InstaVolt celebrates record-breaking month for charger installs

InstaVolt has achieved a record month for electric vehicle (EV) charging installations, with 62 rapid chargers set live in March. These 62 chargers are spread across twenty different regions in the UK, with the highest proportions being in Warwickshire (15), Greater London (six) and Oxfordshire (four). These new charger installations are to support InstaVolt’s ambitions