Electric car drivers can make use of ‘magic’ feature to avoid windscreen frost and fines

Electric car owners could potentially be saving more time than petrol and diesel drivers clearing frost and ice from their windscreens, in addition to avoiding fines. With temperatures dropping below zero once again, drivers are being warned to ensure they are not breaking the law. On top of that, experts have claimed that pre-conditioning an

GRIDSERVE installs the ‘UK’s fastest EV charger’ at the Braintree Electric Forecourt

GRIDSERVE has installed the UK’s “fastest EV charger” at the Braintree Electric Forecourt to optimise charging technologies. The ABB Terra 360kW charger is capable of adding 100 miles of range in less than five minutes, the company said, dramatically increasing charging times whilst on the go around the UK. The public charger is equipped with

GRIDSERVE begins construction of Electric Forecourt at London Gatwick Airport

Electric vehicle (EV) charging company GRIDSERVE has started construction of a first-of-its-kind “Electric Forecourt” at London Gatwick Airport with plans to commence operation in 2023. The site will feature 36 chargers on site at the Electric Forecourt, which includes high power chargers with up to 350kW of power, supplied by 100% renewable energy from the

Rapid Charging Step 11: Car is Charging (Image: T. Larkum)

GRIDSERVE Electric Highway charging sessions triple following multimillion-pound upgrade works

In the year since GRIDSERVE acquired the Electric Highway, the number of charging sessions has tripled while the energy supply has quadrupled.   The average charge time on the network has also decreased, with this in line with the faster charging installed by GRIDSERVE, which began upgrading the network in March 2021. Reliability on the network

The Electric Highway offers an 80% charge in half an hour for compatible vehicles

Ecotricity ‘hands the baton’ to GRIDSERVE as it acquires the Electric Highway

Following the acquisition of a 25% stake in March, GRIDSERVE has now fully taken on Ecotricity’s Electric Highway electric vehicle (EV) charging network. When it took its initial stake in the network, GRIDSERVE announced it would be replacing all existing Electric Highway chargers, as the existing infrastructure had become outdated in the decade since it