The Automotive Market Is About To Be Disrupted: Where Will It Leave You?

The Tesla Model 3 is now the best-selling vehicle in California in all categories, as it already is in the arguably less representative market of the Netherlands.

The data is published by the California New Car Dealers Association, which is probably contemplating in despair how the best-selling vehicle is precisely one that does not get distributed through dealers. In short, Tesla’s achievement has been to make electric vehicles more desirable than their internal combustion competitors.

Electric car sales are expected to overtake petrol by 2040

In case you hadn’t noticed, the automotive market is changing. GM is launching a new electric delivery van in a bid to prevent Tesla taking over that market the same way they did in the consumer segment, and announces plans to introduce at least 20 all-electric models in all categories by 2023. In the same sense, Amazon is working to add 100,000 Rivian all-electric vans to its delivery fleet.

Electric vehicles are no longer the preserve of the rich: China now produces models with starting prices of around $1,000 that you can buy through Alibaba. More and more manufacturers are accelerating their plans to try to position themselves in a market where it will take them at least several years to cast a shadow on Elon Musk’s company. But one thing is already clear: with much longer lifetimes and significantly cheaper maintenance costs, electric vehicles are changing the economic parameters of driving.

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