ZS EV (Image: MG)

Ora Funky Cat UK review: electric hatchack comes up short on range, price and quality

The first in a new wave of Chinese electric cars stands out for its looks but little else in a crowded market There’s something to be said for making a splash when launching a new brand or product. Good or bad, an eye-catching design and an interesting name can help establish a brand in the

The ‘affordable’ electric cars with the longest ranges: Ten EVs on sale in Britain for less than £40k that go the furthest on a full charge

These are the electric cars on sale in Britain today that evade VED ‘premium tax’ rates for motors over £40k These less expensive EVs offer fully-charged official battery ranges of between 239 and 300 miles The term ‘affordable’ is a relative one. What might be within one person’s budget might not be attainable for others.

These are the cheapest new EVs you can currently buy

New EVs are still by-and-large expensive products, but we look at the most affordable models currently available If Volkswagen sticks to its promise, the ID.2 will arrive as the cheapest new electric car on the market, and tap into the relatively untapped affordable end of the segment, as EV manufacturers have so far been largely

ZS EV (Image: MG)

A hybrid MG is Britain’s biggest selling motor! Car sales grow for sixth month in a row as supply chain woes ease and EV registrations dwarf diesels

January car sales grew 14.7% year-on-year  – some 131,994 motors registered Demand for ‘electrified’ cars pushed registrations higher, with hybrids up 40% Electric vehicles easily outsold diesels again, but experts warn demand for EVs could slip due to cost-of-living squeeze and behind-schedule charging network The UK’s new car market grew for a six consecutive month

MG ZS EV (Image: Auto Express)

MG 4 test drive If you want to go electric but have been put off by big prices, you need to take a look at the MG 4.

If you believe the research, around half of potential new car buyers want to go electric, yet the UK battery-electric market sits at just 15%. The majority are put off not by range anxiety, that old fear of being stranded with a completely exhausted battery and no three-pin plug socket within reach, but by the