Mercedes-Benz reveals plans for new global EV charging network

During the Mercedes-Benz tech talks at CES 2023, chief technology officer Markus Schäfer announced plans for a branded Mercedes-Benz high-power charging network, which will begin in North America this year, followed by rollout in Europe, China and other main markets.

The North American charging network, consisting of over 400 charging hubs with more than 2,500 high power chargers, is scheduled for completion by 2027.


Mercedes eVito electric van (Image: DPD)

Mercedes eVito electric van (Image: DPD)

Mercedes have revealed that hubs will typically offer 4 to 12 high power chargers (HPCs) with 350kW charging power, however some regions and locations will have as many as 30 HPCs.

Wait times will also be kept to a minimum, said the car manufacturer, with the help of intelligent charge-load management, which will allow EVs to charge at maximum capacity.

The network will be open to all electric vehicle (EV) brands, whilst Mercedes customers will receive exclusive benefits including chargepoint reservation privileges.

Chargepoint hubs will be located at regular intervals near motorways, major intersections as well as metropolitan areas and will include safety measure such as surveillance cameras. Hubs that are able to accommodate roofing infrastructure will power these cameras using photovoltaic systems, in line with Mercedes’ sustainable business strategy “Ambition 2039”.

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