What does an electric car buyer look like?

The average EV driver has been profiled by a group of economists, who found those ‘who love anything new’ are most likely to invest, while membership of environmental groups significantly increased likelihood of making the switch.

With more and more electric cars and vehicles being sold across the world as the race to reduce emissions continues, experts have set about trying to identify who is most likely to ditch combustion engines in favour of rechargeable models, with findings published in the Journal of Business Research.


Group sales of BMW i, BMW iPerformance, and Mini electric have seen dramatic growth

In order to conduct the work, researchers ran bibliomatic and thematic analysis of 254 studies published between 1983 – at which point there were no EVs on the market but research was being conducted to ascertain their potential – and 2021. Among other things, those running the study noted that even as far back as the early-mid-1980s, consumer attitudes towards electric models were governed by battery run and charge times, overall performance and cost.

‘When we talk about electric car customers, we’re talking about the so-called harbingers of change, people who love anything new, including technology,’ said Alberto Gerraris, Senior Research Fellow at the Ural Federal University Graduate School of Economics and Management, who co-authored the new report.

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