Vintage cars converted to electric power shown at Fully Charged Live (Image: T. Larkum)

‘Only a matter of time’ until diesel and petrol vehicles are ‘prohibited’ before 2030 ban

PETROL and diesel car sales are set to be banned from 2030 onwards, with one expert saying that cities may implement bans on polluting vehicles in the years to come. From 2030, the Government will restrict the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles to boost its aim of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. Major steps are already being taken

Electric vehicle breakthrough as UK’s ‘amazing’ progress set to save Britons £12billion

BRITAIN has performed “better than expected” as its electric vehicle masterplan is set to save Britons £12billion, experts told Last week, the independent Climate Change Committee(CCC) released a landmark 600-page assessment of the Government’s various policies and strategies surrounding the energy crisis and climate change. While the report slammed several aspects of the Government’s handling of the energy crisis,

Carmakers Start to Starve Combustion Models Out of Existence

Investment in electric vehicles is coming at the expense of engines, transmissions and redesigns of gas burners. Automakers have announced a whopping $526 billion collective investment in electric vehicles through 2026, more than double the amount they mapped out over a similar forward time frame a couple years ago. Since the industry isn’t doubling its total

Have Electric Vehicles Reached Parity With Their ICE Counterparts?

Naysayers argue that electric vehicles have too many obstacles yet to make them appealing to mass consumer audiences. Yet the numbers seem to indicate that we’re a lot closer to making EVs the better financial choice than many so-called experts want to admit. Germany will end sales of new ICE vehicles in 2030. What has

Europe’s ‘most powerful’ EV charging hub opens in Oxford

Pivot Power has opened Europe’s “most powerful” electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in Oxford, with 42 fast and ultra-rapid chargers. As part of the Energy Superhub Oxford project, the hub located at Redbridge Park and Ride could scale up to provide charging for 400 vehicles as EV adoption increases. It will be entirely powered with renewable energy,

Electric cars make up almost half of all new sales across London

Diesel sales have halved in the drive to go electric Electric vehicles accounted for almost one in two new cars bought in London last month, it has been revealed. Almost 6,000 fully electric or hybrid plug-in cars were registered in London in June, outselling conventional petrol cars by more than 200 vehicles. The figures, from New