5 Reasons Electric Vehicle Sales Are Soaring

They look great, have fantastic acceleration, and cut down on your gas costs. What’s not to love?

Electric vehicle sales are soaring, and the only problem at the moment is that automakers are struggling to keep up with growing consumer demand. The surge in electric vehicle sales is the direct result of consumers learning about EVs and their benefits and an increase in manufacturers offering EVs, allowing consumers many more choices.

But there are other reasons for the ongoing uptick in electric vehicle sales and why so many people are finally making the switch.

Independence from gasoline is one of the greatest reasons to buy an electric vehicle. Not only because of the expense but simply eliminating the need to stop at a gas station from time to time. Many people have realized that electric vehicles allow the convenience of simply charging your vehicle while you sleep, in the comfort of your own home, and then getting on with your day the next morning.


Q4 e-tron (Image: audi.co.uk)

Q4 e-tron (Image: audi.co.uk)

Not having to stop at a gas station is a true luxury. Furthermore, gas station prices are higher than ever before worldwide, and not only this, but it’s extremely difficult to predict when these spikes in gas prices will occur—as well as when they will go down again.

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