Best electric SUVs 2022

Thanks to big advancements in battery and charging technology, the best electric SUVs are now as usable as they are desirable. Here we count down the top 10 – and reveal the model to avoid…

Electric cars and SUVs are two types of car that are currently in huge demand, so electric SUVs are perhaps the most desirable models of all right now.

It’s about more than just fashion, too – the best of the breed are as practical as they are classy, and as good to drive as they are cheap to run. But which models are we talking about, exactly?

Well, below we count down our top 10 electric SUVs, and name the one we’d avoid. If anything on the list take your fancy, just hit the ‘Read our review’ button to find out more about it. Or, alternatively, check out the latest new, nearly new and used deals by clicking on the relevant links.

Kia Soul EV 2020 (Image:

Kia Soul EV 2020 (Image:

Tesla’s latest model his strong in a number of key areas, including performance, range, practicality and residuals, plus like all Teslas it has access to the firm’s excellent Supercharger network. We just wish it had quieter cruising manners and a smoother ride.

The first of three Kias to make this top 10, the Soul EV gives you a huge amount of equipment for your money, plus its performance is strong and its range long. The ride is quite firm, though, and while the Soul’s compact size is a boon in town, it does mean the boot is on the small side.

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