Misinformation is preventing consumer EV uptake

The perceived high cost of electric vehicle (EV) charging is a key barrier to EV uptake, according to research conducted by energyhelpline.com.

According to the survey, almost two-thirds of consumers believe that EVs cost up to £50 to fully charge at home, this is despite analysis showing that they cost between just £6 and £17 to fully charge.

The survey also revealed that many consumers are concerned about mileage and are worried that their EV won’t get them from A to Z without running out of charge.

38% of consumers cited the distance per charge and almost half (44%) cited the lack of charging points across the nation as the biggest barriers to purchasing a fully electric car.

However, energyhelpline.com has found that some EVs can offer an estimated 270 miles per charge – this is more than enough to travel from Sheffield to Edinburgh – and all for a total cost of £12.32 in electricity.

Dacia Spring 2021 (Image: Dacia.co.uk)

Dacia Spring 2021 (Image: Dacia.co.uk)

Tom Lyon, director of energy at energyhelpline.com, said: ‘Electric-only vehicles have come a long way over the last ten years, but our research reveals that there’s a clear disparity between perception and reality, with BEV cars costing as little as four pence a mile to run using electricity charged at home.

‘To help the UK meet its carbon reduction targets, it’s vital to do even more to boost uptake in the technology. Energy suppliers have a clear role to play in helping motorists make the move to electric vehicles. By offering special tariffs and providing access to competitively priced on-street charging, suppliers can help dispel misconceptions around electric cars to actively encourage uptake.

‘Not only is charging far more cost effective than filling up at the petrol station, switching tariffs will help cut charging costs. Suppliers such as Bulb and OVO offer EV plans aimed at electric car owners, providing benefits such as free access to public charging and lower at home rates for overnight charging, and we’d encourage more suppliers to do the same.’

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