Tesla Model 3 set to overtake Nissan LEAF as the best-selling electric car of all time

The Tesla Model 3 is set to overtake the Nissan LEAF as the best selling electric car of all time this quarter and likely to hit 500,000 sales too.

The best-selling electric car of all time is the Nissan LEAF. That’s been the case almost since the LEAF first went on sale in 2010. But not for much longer.

Tesla Model3 (Image: Wikimedia/Carlquinn)

Tesla Model3 (Image: Wikimedia/Carlquinn)

To date, the Nissan LEAF has amassed sales of around 450,000, but the Tesla Model 3 – which only went on sale in the UK last year – looks set to overtake the LEAF this quarter as Tesla defies all the odds to produce and deliver big Model 3 numbers to the market.

As far as we can tell, the Tesla Model 3’s sales are just a notch below the LEAF’s cumulative sales at the end of 2019 – around 445,000 – and with the current rate of deliveries and production the Model 3 will take the title, probably by the end of January.

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