New Renault ZOE from £145 per month fuel included

Update: latest offers here: Renault ZOE 2018 prices


We had the latest PCP prices for the Renault ZOE (effectively an electric Clio) confirmed today and they are looking very good. Renault recently rejigged its prices significantly, essentially reducing the monthly cost of the car while at the same time increasing the cost of the battery rental.

The end result is a substantial reduction in cost overall, particularly for low mileage drivers. Also, the PCP term was previously either 36 or 48 months, but now the term can be 24 months, and this is now the term with the lowest prices. This makes it seem like a particularly attractive and low risk deal.

Our prices are now as follows for a Renault ZOE Dynamique Intens on 2 year PCP:

  • 750 miles per quarter: £75 deposit plus £145 per month, Fuel included*
  • 7500 miles per year: £75 deposit plus £180 per month, Fuel included*
  • 9000 miles per year: £90 deposit plus £190 per month, Fuel included*
  • 10000 miles per year: £100 deposit plus £199 per month, Fuel included*

For clarity the monthly figure includes the battery rental. Renault will also pay for the installation of a home fast charge point (7kW/30A).

Road tax is, of course, free, and no MOT is required during the term of the contract.


A home 13Amp charge cable isn’t included, though it isn’t required if the charge point is used – it can, however, be taken as an option for £22 per month. Metallic paint (black, grey, blue) is also available and, again, adds about £22 per month on a standard white finish.

For comparison, consider the current deal for the Clio Dynamique S Nav TCE 90 for which the deposit is a massive £3571 and the monthly payment is £169. At 60mpg, if you could get it fuel included it would cost an additional £55 per month in fuel for 7000 miles per year. Therefore in total over 24 months it would cost £373 per month compared to the ZOE’s £183.

You could therefore run two ZOE’s for the price of a Clio, and still have some change left over. And being electric the ZOE is much nicer to drive, and can be run from a renewable energy supply.

It’s worth noting that you get a lot of car for your money. The ZOE Intens is a very high specification including satnav with traffic control, bluetooth, MP3, auto-lights, auto-wipers, electric mirrors and windows, reversing camera, cruise control, speed limiter, traction control, keyless entry, alloy wheels, air conditioning, etc. And being electric you can monitor the battery charge and remaining range, and control the heating or air conditioning, from your smartphone.

*Fuel Included

The following are included on a fuel included deal:

  1. Fuel (electricity) for the given mileage on Economy 7
  2. Registration and access cards for the biggest charging networks: Ecotricity and Chargemaster/Polar
  3. Registration for London congestion charge exemption
  4. Out of hours telephone and email support for the first 6 months
  5. Office hours telephone and email support for the duration of the contract

It’s the ultimate in predictable, fixed-cost motoring. Stocks are low, though, plus the £5000 government grant that makes it possible will run out in a few months time so it can’t last.

Who’d have believed you could drive away a new high-tech high-end car with low fuel costs, no road tax and no MOT required, for a deposit of £75?!

If you want to know more email Trevor ( or call on 07920-790600.

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  2. Asif


    Any idea how the fuel included works with say charging from home?

    Do you claim back the fuel/electric charges from Renault ?

  3. WebAdmin


    It is intended for charging from home – the electricity used by the car is refunded.

    The aim is simply to ensure that the car does not cost the customer more than the deal, i.e. fixed cost motoring.

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