EVTEC has an 180kW AC / DC charger

In Geneva, Switzerland, the EVTEC company has introduced a new generation of quick charger, AC / DC, capable of operating at a maximum power of 180 kW.

[Translation by Google] Welcoming 4 connectors load, three in rapid charge and a AC 22 kW the “Espresso & charge” terminal of EVTEC meets the standard Combo, CHAdeMO and AC with a maximum load of 180 kW. Depending on the number of supported vehicles, power is automatically regulated between takes with a maximum of 120 kilowatts and 43 kilowatts DC side AC side.

In Geneva, the terminal was presented alongside a Kia Soul EV. A choice that is not trivial since the electric crossover Korean manufacturer is the first model to bear charging CHAdeMO 100 kW.

EVTEC 180kW rapid charger and Kia Soul EV (Image: Automobile-Propre)

EVTEC 180kW rapid charger and Kia Soul EV (Image: Automobile-Propre)

According to the information we have collected from the manufacturer’s stand, the first terminal is expected to be deployed this year in Switzerland as part of the project AVOIDED.

Towards a new generation of “superchargers”?

If EVTEC is perhaps now the only company to offer this type of charger, you imagine that other manufacturers quickly follow the trend since the load capability of 100 kW and over become widespread among manufacturers.

Especially, the transition to faster charging powers will better meet the needs of future generations of electric cars, expected for 2016-2017, the capacity of batteries should be around 40 to 50 kWh.

Source: Automobile Propre

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