Van and taxi drivers offered pathway to electric vehicle transition

Drivers of old and polluting vans and taxis have been offered fast-track options and incentives to purchase electric vehicles (EVs), with revamps to licensing and a new £42m taxi fund set to increase compliance with the diesel vehicle phase-out. Following on from Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s launch of the Air Quality Plan last week, which

Petrol-diesel car ban: Government plan dismissed as ‘smokescreen’ after key air pollution policies dumped

The Government’s plan to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040 has been dismissed as a “smokescreen”, with ministers accused of condemning people to living with killer air for years to come. Green groups and opposition politicians united in criticism after it emerged that key policies to cut the estimated 40,000 premature deaths from toxic

Diesel and petrol car ban: Plan for 2040 unravels as 10 new power stations needed to cope with electric revolution

Plans to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040 in a bid to encourage people to buy electric vehicles are a “tall order” and will place unprecedented strain on the National Grid, motoring experts have warned. Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, has warned that Britain “can’t carry on” with petrol and