Electric Vehicles Might Save the Derestricted Areas of the Autobahn

Over the past few years, there’s been some talk from German government officials about potentially removing the derestricted areas of the Autobahn. Adding speed limits (albeit likely high ones) to all sections of the Autobahn was proposed to reduce emissions and reduce nationwide fuel consumption. There’s also a question of safety, as cars have become far faster than ever before. However, the increase in electric vehicle usage might actually save the Autobahn’s derestricted zones.

Germany’s Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing told Bild am Sonntag (h/t to Car Throttle) that EVs are slowing down the way people drive, so as to conserve batteries. So not only do EVs tend to reduce the number of people driving at incredible speeds but those that do drive quickly in EVs are producing no emissions doing so. Even highly efficient internal combustion cars produce more emissions at the top end of their rev ranges while trying to hit top speed. EVs do not.


Two on-demand Renault Zoe autonomous taxis will be deployed in Rouen, Normandy. Pictured is the standard version of the 2016 Renault Zoe. (Renault)

The great irony of this is that EVs are often look at as the death of fun in performance cars by many car enthusiasts. Those same enthusiasts also hate the idea of Germany speed-restricting all of the Autobahn. However, it’s EVs that might actually save those unrestricted areas for the very enthusiasts that hate them.

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