Government announces EV chargepoints must be smart to secure grant funding

The new regulations governing the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme will take effect from 1 July, Roads Minister Michael Ellis announced today

Regulations covering a government grant scheme for electric vehicle (EV) chargers will require all devices funded through the initiative to use smart technology from 1 July, Roads Minister Michael Ellis will announce today.

The new rules mean all chargepoints backed by the government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme must have the capacity to be remotely accessed and capable of receiving and reacting to a signal.

The functionality enables a device to engage in ‘smart charging’: adjusting when it takes charge to the ebb and flow of demand in the grid, responding to signals from the grid operator to halt charging at peak times.

Zappi 2018 EV Charge Point (Image: myEnergi)

Zappi 2018 EV Charge Point (Image: myEnergi)

Smart charging helps minimise peaks in electricity demand, minimising the impact of electric vehicles on the grid and keeping costs down for consumers. It also makes it easier to match demand from EVs with peaks in supply from weather-dependent renewables, such as wind farms, maximising emissions and cost savings in the process.

“The government wants the UK to be the best place in the world to build and own an electric vehicle, with leadership and innovation helping us pave the way to a zero emission future,” Ellis said. “Our new requirements for chargepoints could help keep costs down, ensuring the benefits of green transport are felt by everyone.”

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