An Introduction to the Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Hi, I am Trevor Heale. This is an introduction/taster to the Ioniq EV. Look online for in depth reviews/specs etc. Robert Llewellyn’s “Fully Charged” YouTube program was my introduction to the Ioniq. So I have to thank him for this adventure.

I have finally managed to go electric and here’s my first thoughts on my Hyundai Ioniq Premium SE.

Trevor Heale's new Hyundai Ioniq Electric (Image: T. Larkum)

Trevor Heale’s new Hyundai Ioniq Electric (Image: T. Larkum)

It is a fantastic machine. Pure pleasure to drive. I was not expecting to ever feel like this about motoring again.

Driving the Ioniq EV is simple:

  • Walk up to the car with the key in your pocket, press the button on the drivers door and pull the handle.
  • Once the driver’s door closes the driver’s seat moves to its designated position (nice).
  • There is no ignition switch.
  • Push and hold the foot brake pedal and press the start button to activate the car. The dash board display is lovely as it runs through its start up checks. Hold the foot brake, press ‘D’ on the centre console and the car is ready.
  • Press the right pedal and enjoy.



  • Fantastic machine. Pure pleasure to drive. Did I say that yet?
  • Regenerative Braking – I love this. I have it set to the highest level and 95% of the time I only use the right pedal (can’t very well call it the gas pedal) to go faster or slower.
  • Roomy – Five adults with no bother (No noticeable loss of performance :o)
  • Comfy – Heated and vented front seats.
  • Super safety features (inc all round air bags and sensors).
  • Cheap servicing – Five years up front cost £290.83
  • An incredible amount of electronic features.
  • Three driving modes. Eco, Normal and Sport.
  • Range. I am mainly using Normal (and occasionally Sport mode :o). The more it learns about my driving style the more I’m getting from each charge. After four cold frosty days and two charges my initial range has increased from 91 miles (at delivery) to 135 miles. I expect that to increase with warmer weather and Eco mode.



None for the Ioniq itself. It’s a fantastic machine… Sorry off topic for a moment.

The problems I’ve had were due to Hyundai’s launch team.

  • No EV manuals (for staff or customer) were available!
  • There are an incredible amount of electronic features, most of which I have had to work out for myself. I have a copy of the Hybrid manual but it doesn’t address my EV specific questions.
  • No service manual available at delivery.
  • The delivery Check list that we worked through prior to my acceptance of the car didn’t include unplugging it from a charge point (Double clicking the unlock button seems to be the answer). Having a manual would have helped. A lot.


Overcoming Range Anxiety

I’m currently running the battery down to reset my anxiety level.

Previously if my diesel was down to 30 miles I became anxious because it gave no further indication of range and I’d top it up pronto. With the far more accurate range indicator of my Ioniq I am comfortable driving towards ’empty’ confident in what it’s telling me.


Being an EV owner

What can I say? I am very, very pleased. Almost smug.

Compared to my Kia Cee’d (£60 per fill and rising) it’s wonderful getting my fuel from home and it only costing £8 in instalments* to travel the same distance.

We are planning to tour the UK soon and hope to take full advantage of being an Ecotricity customer (Rapid free charging at motorway service stations). I’ll let you know.

My thanks to Trevor Larkum for guiding me through the transition to EV driving. I think everyone should have a knowledgeable friend when going electric. His help has taken the fear out of this.

Thanks also to Bletchley Hyundai for supplying the car so quickly and their unwavering support for the lack of manuals.

*Three charges 🙂

[The next part is here.]

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  2. Lewis


    Looking forward to my first ride in your new car. One day I will get one as i am sure that ‘real cars’ will go sooner than later. I just need a huge range with the trips I have to make.

    • Trevor Larkum


      Do you need that range for sure? A recharge on the motorway will double your range and only takes about 40 minutes.

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