Mercedes-Benz energy storage units for private homes

Mercedes-Benz Starts Delivery Home Energy Storage To Private Individuals

Tesla Motors isn’t the only game in town when it comes to re-branding automotive fame into the energy storage business. Daimler has also announced the start of deliveries for its home energy storage systems produced under the Mercedes-Benz brand by subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE. Initially, Daimler entered into the ESS for business and utility companies; today,

Tesla Model S (Image: AutoExpress)

Finally, auto industry starts to admit: electric vehicles are better

Electric cars are often touted for their financial and environmental benefits, but there’s another major perk they offer to consumers. They’re very nice to drive. Many drivers have been won over by electric cars’ near-silent operation and instant torque delivery. Now, there’s at least a glimmer of hope that carmakers may finally begin promoting those

Inception the Movie (Image: Warner Bros)

Britain’s property market is on the cusp of a crash as household finances reach breaking point

Britain’s property prices are skyrocketing but household earnings and savings can’t keep up. Couple this with the amount of debt Britons are taking on and it looks like the UK’s property market is heading for a crash. Why? — Because getting a mortgage is possibly the most debt you’ll take on in one go and

Unprecedented global warming as 2016 approaches 1.5 °C mark

Global surface temperatures could get close to the 1.5 °C-above-preindustrial limit before the Paris climate agreement even comes into effect. That’s alarming news, considering that the deal aspires to limit global warming to no more than this. Last week Gavin Schmidt, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, estimated that the average global temperature

Severe Flooding, Against a Background of Wind Turbines: November 2012, Tyringham, Bucks. (Image: T. Larkum)

Study: humans have caused all the global warming since 1950

Global warming attribution studies consistently find humans are responsible for all global warming over the past six decades. A new study published in Climate Dynamics has found that humans are responsible for virtually all of the observed global warming since the mid-20th century. It’s not a novel result – in fact, most global warming attribution

A look at Renault's new marketing campaign for the Zoe model in France

When’s the best time to advertise electric cars? The middle of a gas shortage.

Strikes have brought parts of France’s oil industry to a standstill this week. Gas stations are running dry, lines are building at the pumps and people are hoarding fuel. The only people smiling? Electric car owners. And electric car makers have been quick to seize the golden marketing opportunity. France’s Renault (RNLSY) launched a campaign

Renault is a partner of the European fast-charging project Fast-E in Germany (Image: Renault)

Renault is a partner of the European fast-charging project Fast-E in Germany

Official launch of Fast-E project co-financed by the European Union and nine companies, including Renault, in Berlin and Brussels. 241 charging stations installed in Germany and 37 in Belgium by the end of 2016. A sister project between the Czech Republic and Slovakia adds another 30 charging stations. The 278 charging points set up every