Tesla Model 3 at launch (Image: K. Field/CC)

Your time is up, Stanford tech expert tells petroleum industry

ADDRESSING a high-profile audience of the Thai energy sector last week, Stanford University lecturer and Silicon Valley investor Tony Seba minced no words in warning them that petroleum, which had been a source of livelihood to many of them, would become obsolete by 2030 or sooner. Citing four key technologies – energy storage, electric vehicles,

Sadiq Khan at Sir John Cass’s Foundation primary school roof garden where he announced new plans to clean up London’s air pollution (Image: S. Rousseau/PA)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan to more than double size of London’s clean air zone

New mayor of London calls air pollution ‘our biggest environmental challenge’ and plans to bring the increased ultra low emission zone into force early The new mayor of London Sadiq Khan has made his first major policy announcement, unveiling plans to substantially increase the size of London’s clean air charging zone to tackle the capital’s

Elon Musk: ‘We need a revolt against the fossil fuel industry’

Tesla chief says educating the public on climate issues is essential in countering oil and gas lobby’s influence over big political decisions Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk has accused politicians of bowing to the “unrelenting and enormous” lobbying power of the fossil fuel industry, warning that a global “revolt” may be needed to accelerate the

Nissan Debuts xStorage From Nissan Introduces Its Own Powerwall: “xStorage”

Nissan Introduces Its Own Powerwall: “xStorage”

Nissan has taken a page out of Tesla Energy’s playbook by introducing its own Home energy storage solution, called the “xStorage” in Europe. Where this differs from several other ESS systems that are now coming to market is that the Nissan solution takes advantage of second hand batteries from Nissan electric vehicles (the LEAF and

Josh Fox in "How to Let Go of the World: and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change" (Image: IFC Films)

It’s too late to halt climate change and our society is doomed — that’s the good news

“Gasland” director Josh Fox is back with “How to Let Go of the World,” a sprawling chronicle of despair — and hope It was a full decade ago now that not-quite-president Al Gore and director Davis Guggenheim captured the world’s attention with “An Inconvenient Truth,” a film based on the premise that we still had

Severe Flooding, Against a Background of Wind Turbines: November 2012, Tyringham, Bucks. (Image: T. Larkum)

Parliamentary group warns that global fossil fuels could peak in less than 10 years

British MPs launch landmark report on impending environmental ‘limits’ to economic growth A report commissioned on behalf of a cross-party group of British MPs authored by a former UK government advisor, the first of its kind, says that industrial civilisation is currently on track to experience “an eventual collapse of production and living standards” in