Next generation of motorists want to own more electric cars

A SURVEY of teenagers and learner drivers has found that the next generation of motorists see electric vehicles (EVs) as their car of choice by 2026. Their view is supported by futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, who forecasts that EVs will be the new normal in just over 10 years.

Ultracharger Launched (Image: Chargemaster)

The views of 800 young people aged between 14 and 17 were sought by the joint industry and government-funded Go Ultra Low campaign, which is seeking to increase the number of car buyers considering ultra-low-emission vehicles by helping them understand their benefits, cost savings and capabilities.

The study found that 81% of 14-year-olds plan to make the first car they buy an EV, as prospective drivers are more focused on a low emission future and look to benefit from the increased availability of used electric cars.

The young people interviewed also said that their generation tends to associate electric cars with lower carbon dioxide emissions (56%), cleaner air (48%), and ‘the types of cars that everyone will be driving one day’ (34%).

Today’s learner drivers also said that they want to driver a cleaner, greener car when they pass their test, while 88% of all the young people surveyed felt that more motorists, regardless of their age, should be driving a plug-in car in 2015.

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