Best electric cars in the UK: Which EVs to buy in 2015

There are more electric cars than ever, but which is the best one for you?

Ultra-low emission registrations up 386% on first quarter of 2014 (Image: OLEV)

Ultra-low emission registrations up (Image: OLEV)

In 2015, the electric car market is booming. According to the UK’s Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders, 512 electric cars were sold in January of this year, a 58% rise from the same period in 2014. Sales of hybrid cars increased even more dramatically, with a rise of over 1,035% on the year before.

So why the huge upturn in electric cars? Simply put, electric cars are now a viable mode of transport. Electric vehicles (EVs) have manageable range, a good network of charging stations and excellent fuel economy, making them perfect for quick trips from A to B, or extended city driving.

It’s not just a niche sector, either. First pioneered by the Toyota Prius, the EV and hybrid market has gone on to see cars released from premium marques such as BMW, Volkswagen, Kia and Renault. Electric vehicles are no longer a gimmick – they’re the future of transport.

But which are best electric cars on the market today? We’ve compared the range, cost, features and economy of each EV to find out which is best for you.

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    Electric cars’ marketig is increasing especially thanks to high quality products and a good network of charging stations developing. But now, the real possibility of a new high level Lithium-oxygen battery, that will enable EV to cover big distance with just a charge, could be a big goal!

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