Next Green Car test the Renault ZOE

Next Green Car carry out an indepedent range test

The Renault ZOE has earned a name for itself as the most affordable electric car and you do get a lot of bang for your buck with this all-electric supermini. Innovative purchase options allow you to either buy the car outright or part-purchase the car and rent the battery, an attractive proposition for low mileage drivers or those concerned about battery degradation.

On an independent range test designed by Next Green Car to reflect realistic driving styles on typical roads the ZOE managed to cover 103 miles on a single charge making it suitable for the vast majority of car journeys. The network of rapid AC chargers suitable for use with the ZOE is smaller than for the LEAF (which use rapid DC units) but growing quickly.

Styled to fit in as a ‘normal’ car, the minimalist style inside and out makes the ZOE an attractive city runabout. Five doors, five seats and a big boot for its class make it an ideal second car for the school run, weekly shop and commuting to work and even a great first car for those who don’t need to travel long distances regularly.

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