New London Fire Brigade electric car charge points

An interesting development – public charging points at fire stations. Presumably intended for visitors rather than passing members of the public? Chargemaster, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of electric vehicle charging equipment, has completed the installation of 156 charging points at 71 fire stations and five other Brigade sites across London. The charging points

‘Electrification’ of UK road network continues

The ‘electrification’ of the UK’s road network is continuing at a rapid rate, with one of the latest projects involving the deployment of rapid charging units in a popular tourist region. Siemens has supplied and installed two triple-outlet, multi-standard rapid charging points in two towns for Cotswold District Council (CDC), providing fast top-ups for visitors

Electric cars charging in Central Milton Keynes

‘Electric taxis’ could now join the electric buses in Milton Keynes

DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced Milton Keynes will receive government funding of £1,875,000 towards installing a network of 50 rapid charge units for electric vehicles, capable of fully charging a vehicle in 30 minutes or less. [From January 2014] The faster speed of charging opens up electric vehicle charging as a possibility for

Businesses in Milton Keynes are being given the opportunity to test out electric cars

High demand for free electric car loan to Milton Keynes businesses

After Milton Keynes Council’s electric vehicle partner Chargemaster Plc announced that it was offering a free electric vehicle loan service to Milton Keynes businesses – the company has seen a surge of interest, with the vehicles now being in ‘high demand.’ Chargemaster has a small fleet of electric vehicles (EV) that can be loaned to

Fuel Included ‘pop-up shop’ outside Milton Keynes Central railway station (Image: T. Larkum)

Free Electric Car Parking at Milton Keynes Station

One of the best benefits available for drivers of electric cars is that London Midland provides free car parking at its railway stations. This is particularly attractive at two of its stations, Milton Keynes and Watford, as they have very high parking charges (an annual season ticket at these stations costs £1200 and £1093 respectively).

EV charge point manufacturers revise offers and pricing for home units

[From 9 April] With the Office of Low Emissions (OLEV) updating it’s EV Homecharge scheme at the start of next week, many charge point manufacturers have revised their offers on electric car charging points. Although, the government will still be supporting the installation of charging points at homes across the UK, the grant has been