New membership scheme announced by Chargemaster

Chargemaster, the largest operator of electric vehicle charging points in the UK, has confirmed a new subscription scheme called POLAR Plus, which will also offer members the chance to borrow the latest luxury electric cars. The expanding POLAR London and POLAR national network of over 4,000 charging points will be available to any electric motorist

Low cost electric vehicle charging brought to over 200 charging points in Milton Keynes

Lower cost electric vehicle charging in Milton Keynes

This is hopefully a good sign that drivers’ concerns over high charging costs are being listened to. Milton Keynes Council and Chargemaster have announced an improved vehicle charging network, offering upgraded charging points and reduced costs for electric vehicle owners in the borough. Chargemaster, as Milton Keynes’ electric vehicle charging partner, has significantly reduced costs

Chargemaster buys GB Electrical

Some consolidation is happening in the charging point market A 70-strong business headquartered in Hereford has been acquired by a manufacturer of charging points for electric vehicles. GB Electrical, which installs electric vehicle charging points across the country, has been bought by Chargemaster, a Luton-based business that designs, develops and manufactures the equipment. To date,