Renault Using Old EV Batteries To Power Electric Car Charging Stations

The French automaker believes this will add flexibility to charging infrastructure. Call it Recyclin’ Renault: The French automaker is now using old electric-car batteries to power charging stations in Europe. These so-called “second-life” batteries were integrated with energy-storage systems from British firm Connected Energy and installed at two charging sites on highways in Belgium and

New technologies could save petrol and diesel power

With the environmental credentials of traditional internal combustion engines and especially diesel much maligned following the Dieselgate scandal, vehicle manufacturers are increasingly switching to low and zero emission alternatives. Petrol power emits higher CO2 levels, and so has led manufacturers towards diesel, which emits less and therefore helps them achieve a lower overall carbon footprint

New UK real-world diesel test to cut NOx emissions by 66%

A new real-world test for diesel vehicles will begin later this week to more accurately measure emissions of vehicles sold in Britain. Starting from 1 September, tested cars will be driven on urban and rural roads as well as motorways, with measuring equipment placed on their exhaust system. The evaluation, which replaces current lab-based tests,