Total Cost of Ownership – Price Comparison of Electric Vs Petrol Cars

We are asked all the time to help people make sense of the Price to Value balance between Electric and petrol cars. The way the two types of cars work is quite different so it is not always straightforward.

To help, Fuel Included have today launched their Total Cost of Ownership calculator and information service to help you look at the actual costs associated with owning an electric car and comparing it to the actual costs associated with a petrol or diesel car.

This is available for both private and fleet enquirers

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Our Total Cost of Ownership Calculator takes many factors into account, including the following:

  • Lease costs
  • Deposits
  • Comparison with petrol alternatives
  • Benefits (savings) of electric cars where you live i.e. congestion charge, parking
  • Different forms of charging (home vs public and rapid vs standard)

We know that cost is only part of the story, but now you can at least answer the cost part simply and clearly.

We provide access to a simple form on-line, that will provide a straightforward Total Cost of Ownership Report to help you make the right decision.

If you want a more detailed assessment, we will work directly with you to refine your circumstances.


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