InstaVolt signs multi-million-pound deal with ChargePoint

InstaVolt has signed a multi-million-pound deal with the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network.

The Basingstoke firm has signed an agreement with Silicon Valley giant ChargePoint to purchase more than 200 of its electric vehicle rapid charging solutions. They will be installed later this year, marking the first time the rapid charging systems will be deployed in the UK.

InstaVolt, which installs and maintains electric vehicle charging points at places such as forecourts and service stations, will begin installing the first of the ChargePoint ‘Express Plus’ rapid charge systems this summer. They will be strategically placed close to popular routes across the country, enabling drivers to easily charge their vehicles during long journeys.

The Express Plus charging systems, which can add hundreds of miles of range in as quick as 15 minutes, have been designed to be future-proof. The modular charging platform is built to scale as demand grows.

The deal between InstaVolt and ChargePoint comes after the American company secured $82 million in investments as part of its latest funding round to help it break into Europe.

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