Nissan Turns the Townstar EV Into a Capable Camper With a Roof Tent and Tailgate Kitchen

With the global electrification efforts and more electric vehicles on the market than ever before, vanlifers seem to also be interested in jumping on the EV bandwagon. While all-electric van manufacturers are mainly competing in the last-mile delivery industry, this new generation of vans has great potential to be used as a platform for electric camper vans as well.

Nissan is showcasing the potential of its all-electric Nissan Townstar EV station wagon as a camping rig at the ongoing 2023 Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Germany. The carmaker has outfitted the light commercial vehicle with a high-popping rooftop tent and a tailgate kitchen unit, turning it into a practical camper, ideal for weekend getaways and holiday breaks.

Those who follow the e-camper van market might remember Nissan’s e-NV200, the world’s first electric camper van. That model was retired in 2021 and replaced by the Townstar EV. Considering the popular e-NV200 van regularly topped the European sales charts while it was in production, the Nissan Townstar EV has quite the reputation to uphold.


View through the rear doors (Image: T. Larkum)

View through the rear doors (Image: T. Larkum)

This is the first time the emission-free vehicle has undergone a professional campervan conversion, but Nissan hasn’t presented it as a full-fledged camper van product but rather as a preview of how the Townstar could be turned into a compelling e-mini-camper. Also, as a sneak peek into the future of sustainable family travel.

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