EV sales experience 60% YOY growth

New AutoMotive’s latest data revealed that electric vehicle (EV) sales in the UK rose by 60% year-on-year in April.

EVs were also the only market segment to experience a growth in sales and market share, which increased by 5% to make up 16% of the market.

The region with the highest number of new cars registered was Oxfordshire with 49% of newly registered cars being electric, which means that now one in every two cars in the county is electric.


Other reginal highlights include Wimbledon with 33% of new car registrations being electric and Birmingham at 23%.

Fuel Type Registered vehicles April 2023
Market share April 2023 (%) Registered vehicles April 2022 Market share April 2022 (%)
Petrol 61,462 50.42 59,722 58.8
Hybrid 31,326 25.7 28,224 25.43
Pure electric 19,234 15.78 12,014 10.82
Diesel 9,779 8.02 10,854 9.78
Other 99 0.08 188 0.17

Data: New Automotive.

Electric vans also experienced an increase in new registration, now holding 7% of the market – a year-on-year growth of 55%.

“It is fantastic to see such strong growth in sales of electric cars since a year ago. Electric cars accounted for almost 16% of all new registrations in April 2023, which represents a staggering 60% rise in the number of EV sold,” said Ben Nelmes, CEO at New AutoMotive.

“The shift towards electric vehicles is not just about reducing climate risk; it’s about benefiting motorists. British drivers increasingly understand making the switch to an electric vehicle is beneficial for them – they are cheaper to run, require less maintenance, and improve local air quality.”

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