Blades Being Installed on Turbine 5, Yelvertoft Wind Farm (Image: T. Larkum)

SSE Renewables installs world’s deepest offshore wind turbine foundations in Scotland

SSE Renewables has announced the installation of the world’s deepest offshore wind turbine foundations at what it claims will become Scotland’s largest offshore windfarm off the coast of Angus. The foundation, also known as the “jacket”, had been transferred to the Seagreen wind farm on the 7 April by contractor Seaway 7. It was then

British Army Land Rovers, at least 4 of them, are going electric

Look at that diesel engine go Old Land Rovers never die, nor do they even fade away. Sometimes they become electrified. The British Army is about to begin a project to modify a quartet of in-service military Land Rovers, and to convert them from diesel to electric power. The conversions are to be done by UK defense contractor Babcock International in partnership with EV experts

How much does charging an electric car cost? Is it cheaper than petrol?

Your electric car charging costs are simple to calculate. Here’s how to work it out There are plenty of reasons for going electric: that pesky CO2 stuff, for one thing. But there’s another incentive for making the switch other than doing your bit for the polar bears: electric car charging costs. You see, charging an