The Mobility House completes first grid-friendly second-life car battery storage system in France

A consortium led by The Mobility House has installed its first storage facility comprising both used and new Renault ZOE batteries in France, thus growing the network of such storage facilities in Europe.

The premiere was made possible by Munich-based company The Mobility House, which specializes in the use of second-life batteries and vehicle-to-grid applications.

Together with its partners Mobilize, which belongs to the Renault group, the Banque des Territoires and the Ecological Transport Modernization Fund, which is managed by the investment manager Demeter, it set up the 4.7 MW storage facility on the factory premises of the Renault branch in Douai, France.

Renault ZOE, Battery illustration (image: Renault)

Of this capacity, 4 MW are prequalified for participation in the primary control power market. The Mobility House states that this project has helped increase the total capacity of car batteries it uses for the control power market in France, the Netherlands, and Germany to 33 MW.

The Renault storage system consists not only of used car batteries, but also first-life batteries. Car manufacturers are obliged to keep a certain number of batteries available as replacements. However, since they are difficult to store, one solution is to integrate them into storage devices. To achieve the optimum state of charge, they are only minimally charged and discharged.

“We have been working successfully on the integration and marketing of electric car batteries in the electricity market since 2014 and are already active in various European markets and the USA,” said Robert Hienz, CEO of The Mobility House. “With the integration of a storage facility in the capacity market, as is now the case in France, we are once again expanding our technology spectrum with an innovative application.”

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