Good Energy unveils EV tariff offering free periods of charging

Good Energy is launching a new tariff that allows electric vehicle (EV) drivers to charge for free during periods of excess wind and solar generation.

Developed in partnership with Zap-Map – a company Good Energy owns a 50.1% stake in – the Zap Flash tariff includes ‘flash’ windows based on periods where Britain is generating an abundance of solar and wind. Drivers will then be alerted to a four-hour window when charging their vehicle comes at no extra cost and is backed by Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity supply.

The flash period will vary in day each week, although the times will remain the same in the summer and winter months, with customers to receive at least 24 hours notice ahead of the period. The Summer Flash period will run from April to September between 11am and 3pm, while the Winter Flash Period is to run from October to March between 11pm and 3am.

POD Point Rollout at Tesco Stores (Image: Tesco/POD Point)

POD Point Rollout at Tesco Stores (Image: Tesco/POD Point)

The tariff will be enabled by smart metering, with Good Energy to rollout smart EV chargers and an updated app alongside the new product. It will initially be launched in beta phase, allowing for more sophisticated versions as the energy supplier learns from customers.

Good Energy’s CEO and founder, Juliet Davenport, said that with Britain generating “so much” renewable electricity, it only “makes sense for us to take advantage of this free resource”.

It was announced in February that Davenport is to step down as CEO, with Nigel Pocklington to takeover the role.

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