Switching to an electric car could save you £41,000 in your lifetime

SWITCHING to an electric car could save drivers a whopping £41,000 over their lifetime, finds new research.

The future of the car industry is with electric cars. Carmakers and governments are pushing towards these zero emissions vehicles as new emissions and pollution targets need to be met. Electric cars are, however, still more expensive to buy on average than petrol and diesel variants and also perceived to be pricier. Recent research estimates that electric cars will become as affordable as petrol and diesel cars by as early as 2024.

However, they could already be a savvier investment and save you thousands over the course of your lifetime.

New research actually suggests the buying an electric car could save you £41,000 over your life.

The average British motorist will spend over a staggering £56,000 on petrol in a lifetime, according to new figures.

With the average lifetime cost of charging an electric vehicle coming in at just over £15,000, savvy Brits could save over £41,000 on fuel by going electric in the near future.

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