Charging Station in Sunderland (Image: Fastned)

Fastned brings fast charging to UK with country’s maiden 350kW charger

Fastned’s has laid claim to installing the UK’s first 350kW capacity fast charger in Sunderland. The station has two 175kW chargers which are enabled for 350kW charging for all full electric vehicles when required, in addition to four 50kW chargers. All electricity supplied to drivers will be sourced from solar and wind, with solar panels

Study explains how electric vehicle improves air quality and climate outlook

The study published in the journal Atmospheric Environment provided evidence that making a switch to electric vehicles would improve overall air quality and lower carbon emissions. Washington: is it possible for electric vehicles to improve air quality and climate outlook? Recent research has thrown light on the efficacy of electric vehicles. The study published in

OVO Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging (Image: T. Larkum/Fuel Included)

V2G potential ripe to ‘smooth out’ UK renewables intermittency, Octopus EV chief says

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology could “smooth out” the intermittency issues of renewables within the next ten years, says Octopus Electric Vehicles CEO Fiona Howarth. With a new partnership between Octopus Energy, Octopus Electric Vehicles, Engenie and Marston’s, Octopus Electric Vehicles has expanded its EV portfolio. Eight charge points at Marston’s pubs will be powered with renewable

Renault scheme transforms EVs into energy storage units

Pilot scheme beginning today aims to cut electric vehicles’ running costs and reduce energy usage from 2020 Renault has launched a revolutionary pilot scheme that aims to prove the feasibility of vehicle-to-grid charging systems by placing energy storage units aboard electric vehicles (EVs). A fleet of Zoes have been adapted to enable reversible charging, which

Nissan Leaf 3.Zero e+ (Image: Nissan)

New Nissan LEAF digital ads scan number plates to warn drivers about emission charges

TBWA\London and MGOMD have created a tech and data-driven campaign for Nissan that highlights how the brand’s 100% electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF, is exempt from London’s impending ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) charge. The campaign uses the latest DOOH (Digital Out of Home) technology with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) at congested traffic light

EU Toughens CO2 Limits for Cars in Bid to Spur Electric Vehicles

New caps clear last political hurdle with EU Parliament vote Reductions of 15% in 2025, 37.5% in 2030 versus 2021 limit The European Union tightened caps on carbon dioxide from cars in a bid to accelerate the development of electric vehicles. The European Parliament set a 37.5 percent CO2-reduction target for 2030 compared with the