Which are the best used electric and hybrid car buys?

As electric car sales rise, so does the number of them available on the used car market.

So the question is, which are the best used electric car buys available right now?

BMW i3

The first one is obvious – the BMW i3. This fantastically styled little hatchback is the embodiment of what we think of when someone says ‘electric car’. It has an exceptionally modern design that even four years on still looks futuristic, and the same can be said about the interior that is uber modern with its crisp design and light-coloured textiles and wood used throughout.

To buy one new today will set you back a minimum of £32,340 with a government grant of £4,500. However, search on the second-hand car market and you can pick yourself up a great deal.
According to research by valuation and provenance experts Cap HPI, a 2015 registration with just 20,000 miles on the clock can be bought for less than £14,650. Opt for the one with the range-extending three-cylinder petrol engine and you’ll pay from £18,400.

Another car on the list is the Nissan Leaf. This is an electric hatchback that has been with us for some years now but is still a very popular choice – much of which is down to its reliability and affordability.

A new top-spec Tekna variant of the Leaf will cost around the same as a BMW i3 with a few goodies, but second-hand and the savings are very impressive. A 2015 model can be had from £9,900, meaning electric cars can bought for an affordable price.

The third car on the list isn’t quite a fully electric vehicle, but the Toyota Prius is still a hybrid. Second-hand values are surprisingly strong, and have in fact risen slightly by 3.9 per cent.

The research shows that there are electric and hybrid models to suit most budgets out there, with used examples being excellent value for money when considering the savings on fuel over a 12-month period too.

Source: Aol. 

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