New engine development at German makers to end by 2025, says supplier

Continental, a major supplier for automakers around the world, has come out with a bold prediction: internal-combustion engine development by German automakers will essentially end by the year 2025. The supplier, which makes exhaust-gas-cleaning systems for diesel cars and nitrogen oxide-measuring sensors, lists several factors contributing to its prediction: the increasing costs of development, the end of

Electric Cars

I live a short drive away from the birthplace of the shale oil revolution. It was 2006 that we started to get an inkling that something big might be happening. I’m referring to the Bakken boom… My business has always been finance, so I wasn’t directly involved. However, the people around me very much were.

Vegans rejoice: Tesla quietly goes leather-free

Tesla’s electric cars are known for being environmentally-friendly, and they just got a little more vegan-friendly. The automaker this week quietly upgraded all of its premium interior options to be completely leather-free. While the company hasn’t made an official announcement, a Tesla spokesperson confirmed the change, saying that the company now only sells its premium seating option, which

UK Tesla Model 3 production won’t begin until 2019 as electric saloon’s specification revealed

Deliveries of electric car maker’s more affordable saloon begin in USA, but right-hand-drive models are some way off The first deliveries of Tesla’s more affordable electric saloon began on Friday, but UK advance orders won’t be fulfilled until 2019 at the earliest. The electric car company’s much-anticipated “more affordable” Model 3 saloon has been pitched