Watch This Nissan Leaf Rally Car Display its Off-Road Chops

The madmen of Scotland-based Plug In Adventures, along with RML Group, have created a monster. It’s a formidable off-roader called the Nissan Leaf AT-EV (all-terrain electric vehicle) and it will be the first EV to do battle in the Mongol Rally this summer.

Plug In Adventures is a group of EV enthusiasts who like to do weird stuff with electric cars. They’ve teamed up with RML Group, a high-performance automotive engineering firm, to modify this Leaf into something Nissan probably never intended. Modifications for rally prep include Maxsport RB3 rally tires, braided brake lines, skid plates of sorts, a roof rack with a light bar, and mudflaps despite having fake mud graphics behind the wheels.

Nissan UK has made a demo video showing off what the Leaf AT-EV can do. It should be able to silence any naysayers of the little EV’s potential off-road when properly modified. Granted, it’s not quite rock crawling in Moab, but it’s still pretty impressive. See for yourself what this beast can do.

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