So I Own an Ioniq eMotor (Electric Vehicle)

One week into the new and exciting world of my new eMotor and I’m looking to venture further afield.

Trevor Heale at home in his new Ioniq Electric (Image: T. Larkum)

Trevor Heale at home in his new Ioniq Electric (Image: T. Larkum)

Home charging is easy, if a little long with a 13amp plug and I eagerly await my 32 amp POD Point to take advantage of cheap night rate electricity. It’s still called Economy 7 you know, just like it used to be way back when.

I mentioned in my previous post I was tackling range anxiety. Doing so within the confines of Milton Keynes (MK) seemed sensible. It was fun using sport mode to drain the battery πŸ™‚
At eighteen miles range remaining all the appropriate warning lights went off (came on?) and…

I continued driving!

Yup. I continued. I’m that kind of chap.
Brave huh? Yes, for a given value of brave. Eco mode made me feel a little more secure.
After a couple of miles of tormenting lights, prudence reared her head and I agreed with her. It was time for me to tackle my first rapid charge.

Dear reader please forgive me as I wave my ignorance at you in the following.

I pulled over, stopped and pressed lots of buttons* (no manual yet). Within moments I had a map of Milton Keynes and dozens of choices to hoover up some power. Ooh how happy and clever I felt.

It didn’t last.

Broughton is a newer area in MK so I chose to explore it and fill up there. Yes, since you ask, it happened to be the nearest point. Remember, I’m working on my range anxiety.

If I’d known the area I would’ve stayed on the main road and seen the chargers by the local shops. I didn’t. Satnag** said turn right into Cavan Way and I did. The location of the charger and the satnav were at odds by approximately one road and two hundred yards. I’ll remember that in future searches.

I parked (reversing cameras are great) and tackled the Monolith. Which cable/connector to use? Easy I know my plug options. Now, where do I pay? Ok. Sigh. I’ll read the instructions. Bu**er!

One of the many Polar rapid charge points around Milton Keynes, this one is in Central MK (Image: T. Larkum)

One of the many Polar rapid charge points around Milton Keynes, this one is in Central MK (Image: T. Larkum)

Yeah, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind you needed a card but surely I can just buy some electric? Just a little bit for cash? Eh? Hole in the wall technology right? Wrong. Holes in the wall are mostly for getting money out not for putting it in.
I closed my recharging flap (that’s not a euphemism) and did the walk of ignorance and shame back to my comfy leather seat. It felt further than the three paces. The heated seat and steering wheel cheered me until I was back at home with my three pin plug.

So take heed brave new adventurers, preparation is required to charge away from home.

I have now joined the Chargemaster Polar Network and Ecotricity (for the motorway free charges). Currently the Polar network has a six month offer free of standing charge. I’ll review my use of their service in May πŸ™‚

One other thing. eMotors are eligible for free parking in MK once you have a green permit. Apply on line at the MK Council website.

BTW – The Ioniq eMotor? It is a fantastic machine. Pure pleasure to drive.

Bye for now. I’ll be in touch.

* The next day I noticed a horrible whining noise. My shock and disappointment convinced me a motor bearing was on the way out. Hang on what’s that light? Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) active. Not now it isn’t.

** Thank you Lewis Randall for “Satnag” πŸ™‚

[The next part is here.]

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  3. Derek


    So nobody told you about Polar Instant? With a smart phone app you can get a charge on demand at any Polar charge point. It costs more than using a Polar RFID card, but if you find you do not charge away from home very often it can be more economical than the monthly account.
    Good luck with the car. The Ioniq looks like a very nice EV. Worth considering for my next EV.

    • Trevor


      Hi Derek,

      Please excuse the delay in responding (PC rebuild).
      Thanks for the information.
      Driving the Ioniq certainly outweighs the charging challenges πŸ™‚

      May your charge points all be working,

  4. Tony Martin


    My understanding of electric vehicles is that 100% of the torque is available from 0 rpm . If this is the case I’m imagining that the sport mode is actually rather impressive ? Does the satnav know all the charging point locations or do you use a smart phone app ?

    • Trevor


      Basically yes πŸ™‚
      It all comes down to clever delivery of power. Eco mode delivers it quite gently (easily keeps pace with traffic) and minimises heating etc. Normal mode delivery will see off 60% of road users, no loss of cabin features. Sport mode delivers it quite freely and although there is only 120bhp available the lack of gear changing is a significant advantage.
      Onboard Satnag knows locations and can be augmented by connecting a phone.
      Our road trip has been delayed (I have some consulting work from my old employer) but we hope to see you both early’ish in 2017. Are you far from Portmierion?
      L. Ln’L

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